Sanger House Gardens:   Historic Brewers Hill

Frequently Asked Questions


1).  What type of events can be held at the Gardens?

We have had weddings, baby showers, wine tasting events, retirement parties, birthday parties, corporate events &

non-profit organization events. We have also had requests for private dinners and wedding rehearsal dinners.


2).  How large of group can you handle?

Our capacity is about 80.  We are a very intimate setting and can't handle large weddings or dinners.


3).  Do you provide catering? Do allow alcohol and beverages?

We don't provide catering; we have worked with a number of caterers and many of our events were self-catered

meaning the parties brought in their own food, beverages etc and we provided the space.  Yes we allow alcohol,

must be a licensed bartender to do the serving. We recommend Bartenders On The Go ( owner is Gary Ozuna-  )


4).  What about tents, tables, chairs etc?

We have two large tents 10ft  by 12ft located on the two patio areas, plus a four smaller "pop-up" type tents

available, 10 ft by 10ft.  You should make sure that you have access to additional tables. We have space enough for

at least 8-12 tables sitting 6-8 per table plus small cocktail type tables. The tables can be situated throughout the

garden, patio areas etc. Other tents and canopies can be used in the gardens.  We suggest round tables, we have a

few small round tables and approx. 6--- 6 to 8 foot long tables for use.


5).  Do you have space for caterers?  Do you have bathrooms?

We have a small carriage house on the site which has approximately 800 sq/ft which has a bathroom, small

kitchen and an area for folks to gather in, this space can also be used by the caterers.  This space has water,

electricity, heat, a/c, countertop areas, and appliances.  It is located between two large patios.  Also, our Victorian

home has two large parlors, dining room and another bathroom available, all on the first floor, this space is large

enough for 40 to 50 guests.


6).  What is your hourly rate?

We charge $295 per hour with a three-hour minimum.  This includes the use of the gardens, carriage house and if

necessary the use of our parlors, dining room and bathroom.  A deposit of 1/2 of the rental fee is requested to

reserve the site for your event. The deposit is not refundable in the event you cancel or due to inclement weather.